House Made Flatbread— $4
Plain, Sesame, or Za'atar

Soup of the day — $10


Mediterranean Salad— $14
Fresh vegetables, avocado and croutons wrapped in strips of grilled eggplant, topped with sheep milk feta cheese
Dressed with lemon-herb vinaigrette

Fall Salad— $14
Baby kale, roasted fall vegetables, green apple, radish, marinated cherries, fennel vinaigrette

Fried Hallumi Cheese & Artichoke Salad— $14
Baby arugula tossed with fresh mushrooms, walnuts and string beans. Glazed with walnut vinaigrette

MEZE MENU — ($10 each, three for $27)

Miriam Hummus
Warm chickpeas and hardboiled egg

Warm Gigante Lima Bean Salad
Celery hearts, scallions

Grilled Eggplant Salad
Cucumbers, harissa

Freekeh Salad
Della cotta squash, collard greens, toasted almonds, kashkaval cheese

Fillo triangle filled with spinach, tomatoes, eggplant and feta with harissa aioli

Goat Cheese Crostini
Pistachio crusted goat cheese, honey and truffle oil

Smoked Shiitake & Oyster Mushrooms
Greek yoghurt, garlic, pickled spicy peppers

Turmeric Fried Calamari
Cumin, coriander, harissa aioli

Roasted Cauliflower
Tahini sauce

Puff pastry stuffed with Swiss chard, leeks, feta, skordalia sauce

Kadaif Wrapped Shrimp
Spicy aioli

Labaneh cheese, pomegranate sauce, pistachio

Green tahini

Marinated Beets
Horseradish Labaneh, everything bagel mix

Beef Dolmeh
Persian Stuffed Cabbage, saffron tomato sauce


Served with butternut squash, potato, cabbage, carrots, celery, zucchini and raisins slowly cooked in an aromatic sauce

add Merguez — $8
add Chicken — $8
add Shrimp — $8


Vegetarian Shawarma — $20
Portobello mushrooms, beets, butternut squash, celery root, turnips,
Sautéed spinach and tomato on flatbread, with yogurt & roasted peppers and almond sauce

Grilled Cod — $27
Cranberry beans, navy beans, fall vegetables, spicy carrot

Broiled Black Bass — 28
Romanesco, red potato, citrus vinaigrette

Chicken Schnitzel — $23
Beet salad, mashed potatoes, and Israeli salad

Chicken Shawarma — $23
Grilled marinated chicken thighs served with sautéed spinach, grilled tomato and crispy pita, accented with mango chutney and green tahini

Roasted Short Rib — $28
Fennel puree, fennel and citrus salad

Lamb Shawarma — $26
Marinated shredded leg of lamb over basmati rice with house pickled cucumbers, onions, and shredded carrots with tahini, harissa and pine nuts

*20% Gratuity will be added to parties of six or more.