Things to Do in the Upper West Side

Things to Do in the Upper West Side

The almost 4.3-mile length between Central Park’s western end and the Hudson River is one of Manhattan’s most cosmopolitan and culturally diverse neighborhoods, with much to do. With the creation of Central Park in the late nineteenth century, magnificent residences with amazing views of the park were erected next to it. Immigrants brought ethnic variety to New York City via restaurants and stores throughout the twentieth century.

Upper West Side Things to Do Nearby

The Upper West Side of New York City, known for its mom-and-pop shops, majestic townhouses, and family-friendly location near Central Park, might be mistaken for a tranquil residential area. In truth, this neighborhood is densely packed with cultural icons, museums, and must-visit food establishments. It is hard to catch the Upper West Side’s entirety in a few hours, so allow enough time to go uptown and absorb the area’s enchantment.

Take a Walk in Riverside or Central Park

Walking is good for your physical health, but in New York, it is also one of the most efficient means of transportation—especially if you are exploring the city for fun.

If you’re looking for a place to escape the skyscrapers and towers, come to Central Park. Both tourists and residents come here to relax and appreciate mother nature. It’s a pleasant spot for unwinding and is ideal for families.

While we recognize that Central Park is located in the area, and while it is the most popular park, people sometimes overlook Riverside Park’s lush flora. Additionally, it is next to the water, making it ideal for a lengthy stroll, run, or bike ride.

Enjoy a Show

The Beacon Theater, which opened in 1929, has become an emblem of the neighborhood’s architecture. Some of the top things to do on the Upper West Side include seeing a performance at the Beacon Theater, which attracts world-class talent. Some previous performers include David Bowie, Duran Duran and Mariah Careys 

The Lincoln Center arena hosts some of the world’s finest opera, cinema, and theatrical performances. It’s a landmark location on the Upper West Side, formerly home to New York Fashion Week. At the Lincoln Center, there is always something great going on, making it one of the top things to do on the Upper West Side.

Upper West Side Things to Do Nearby


Natural History Museum of America: If you’ve ever seen Ben Stiller’s film “Night at the Museum,” this location will appear highly familiar. Indeed, the museum sometimes hosts a special exhibition during which visitors are permitted to spend the night. 

The National Museum of Folk Art: The American Folk Art Museum’s nearly 5,000 visually appealing displays of folk arts and crafts draw tourists worldwide. You’ll see quilts produced by American Indian chiefs, intricate blankets constructed from hundreds of cotton patches donated by early American immigrants, and other creative exhibitions here.

The Upper West Side’s Shopping Scene

Columbus Circle is a well-known retail district and with good reason. The Shops at Time Warner Center include a variety of retail businesses, including H&M, Michael Kors, J.Crew, and a Whole Foods Market.

The New York Running Company also has a location inside the Time Warner Center for running enthusiasts. Runners may keep their possessions here and then go for a run around Central Park and buy the newest collections from major sports brands and a large assortment of running shoes. Additionally, the personnel at this location is highly certified and well-versed in the running.

Best Restaurant on the Upper West Side

The food of Miriam Restaurant is distinctively Israeli. Our menu changes seasonally, and many of our items originate in Israel. However, what is Israeli food in its entirety? Approaching the topic is like walking into a sea and suddenly seeing its depths grow.

In contrast to French, Chinese or Italian cuisine, one does not approach the Miriam menu with preconceived notions. There is no particular cuisine or cooking manner that could be described as distinctly Israeli. And yet, this absence of identification is precisely what makes it unique, what makes it beautiful.

As a result of the cross-pollination that occurred due to the confluence of Jewish people from all over the world, one might argue that Israeli food is the closest thing to authentic global cuisine that exists. When people came after World War II, they brought a cultural and culinary legacy as distinct and unique as the city itself. And so are the lineup of Upper West Side restaurants to choose from.


The Upper West Side is more laid back than the Upper East Side. Many celebrities have chosen to relocate here due to the neighborhood’s lifestyle. Broadway is the primary thoroughfare connecting Columbus Circle to 116th Street and, subsequently, Harlem. 

This Avenue is recognized for its abundance of department shops and boutiques. Both Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues are well-known for their abundance of restaurants, bars, clubs, and pubs, most vibrant on Friday and Saturday evenings. The two residential avenues are West End Avenue and Riverside Drive; several antique pre-war structures (landmarks) and priceless townhouses benefit from fantastic views of the Hudson River and New York Harbor.